The Ultimate Guide about the Benefits of Health Insurance

We’ve compiled a list to summarise health insurance benefits you should look for before purchasing a policy.

Take a peek!

1. Hospitalization Expenses
One of many benefits of medical health insurance policies in India is that they cover hospitalization charges. Following are a few of the aspects that medical health insurance policies cover in regards to to hospitalization:

a) Accidental Hospitalization – Any cost incurred while seeking treatment in due span of hospitalization due to accidents in covered under health insurance plans.

Further, with Digit, you can avail an extra 25% sum insured for accidental hospitalization.

b) Illness-Related Hospitalization – Insurance policies cover costs incurred while seeking treatment in a hospital for just about any illness. You must note that the amount of illnesses covered can be wide and varied, including Chikungunya, Dengue, etc.

Further, with Digit Insurance, you can avail 25% extra sum insured to cover hospitalization expenses incurred while seeking treatment for critical illnesses, aiding you to minimise your financial liability under such circumstances. Visit: Careshield Life for more details

c) ICU Room Rent – As its name suggests, ICU rooms are for individuals who need specialised look after their treatment. Because of this, the area rent for ICU is also significantly greater than that of standard rooms. A medical health insurance policy covers the charges for the ICU rooms alongside normal rooms.

d) No Cap on Room Rent – Well, this is an attribute that is made available from only some insurance agencies, like Digit Insurance. Usually, standard health insurance policies feature a cap on room rent charges, which deters them from availing an area that charges more than this rent cap.

But with Digit, there is no such cap, letting you choose a healthcare facility room according to your convenience.

So there you go! You could finally breathe easy realizing that your wellbeing insurance benefits covers all the expenses that you incur during hospitalization and can enable you to make your time at a healthcare facility more comfortable without cap on room rent.

2. Pre and Post Hospitalization Costs
It isn’t always necessary you need to be hospitalised to incur huge medical expenses. Pre-hospitalization charges for diagnostic tests as well as follow-up post-hospitalization costs can also be quite substantial. A medical health insurance policy really helps to cover such costs, as well.

With Digit insurance, you can choose to decide on a lump sum payout post your hospitalization, that may allow you to pay all your expenses with no need to provide any bill. Or, you can make to avail the standard benefits which will reimburse your post-hospitalization charges.

What more?

3. Cost for Day-Care Procedures
A few procedures to take care of illnesses may not need you to be admitted to a hospital but can land you a sizeable bill, yet. So, does the health insurance coverage help then?
Well, not always. But if you have health insurance from Digit, you can avail coverage for such day-care expenses. This consists of the medical expenses that you incur in a hospital while being there for under a day, due to advancement in the medical field.

Several daycare procedures covered for treatments without hospitalization such as nasal sinuses, cataract, chemosurgery, orthopaedics, etc.

4. Refill Sum Insured Amount
This feature of medical health insurance policies allows you to refill your sum insured amount if you have exhausted the prevailing sum insured. Refill sum insured benefit is merely designed for an unrelated illness.

This benefit is particularly helpful if you have a family floater protection plans, as well as your entire family is sharing a single policy.

5. Cover your Daily Expenses with Hospital Cash Benefit
Hospitalization may cause you to be laid off from your task for a few days. Within this scenario, you might face a cash crunch, making you hesitant to invest on your daily needs. But with a daily cash allowance from your wellbeing insurance coverage, you can overcome this example easily.

This amount does not have any usage restrictions, letting you manage your daily expenses for tea, snacks, etc. for up to thirty days of hospitalization.

6. MAKE YOUR Transportation Costs Reimbursed with Ambulance Cover
Ambulance charges, particularly if you are surviving in metropolitan cities, can be quite high. For example, in Bangalore, it can range up to Rs. 5,000, with transport from outside metropolis being even higher.

So, getting a medical health insurance policy set up can help you cover the costs incurred during transportation via an ambulance.

7. Get Increased Sum Insured as No Claim Bonus Benefit
You are most likely wondering what goes on to the premiums paid towards your wellbeing insurance if you don’t raise a claim through the policy period.
Well, fret not!

Insurance agencies extend the good thing about No Claim Bonus by means of an additional sum insured amount at the same premium payment for the next year. This No Claim Bonus can range between 10% and 20%.

This produces one of the very most useful benefits associated with having medical health insurance.

8. Maintain Good Health with Complimentary Annual Health Check-Ups
Illnesses mostly occur unannounced. Hence, it is pertinent to travel for an all-round medical check-up every once in a year to ensure that you are healthy and hearty.

And the good thing? Your health insurance coverage covers the expenses because of this medical check-up, once in each year. This is a no cost benefit that is extended by insurance providers on the renewal of your policy.

The check-up costs will be reimbursed for you irrespective of a healthcare facility you choose for the same.

9. Avail a Cover for Seeking Psychiatric Treatment
Did you know about 7.5% of India’s population is influenced by some kind of mental illness?
Under such circumstances, it makes sense for plans to cover the price for hospitalization to seek psychiatric treatment.

With Digit Insurance’s policy, you can avail cover for the charges incurred for hospitalization due to psychiatric treatment.

However, you must understand that OPD consultation for such treatment is not covered under the insurance coverage.

10. Get Cover for Bariatric Surgery
This isn’t an advantage that is included in all insurance agencies, but that doesn’t dismiss the fact that it’s an important advantage to possess at our side. Bariatric surgery to take care of obesity and its side-effects can be a life-saver under any circumstances.
Plans under Digit cover the cost incurred in due span of such bariatric surgeries to alleviate issues due to obesity.

11. Get Maternity & Infertility Treatment Benefit and Newborn Care Cover
That is an add-on benefit that may be availed by those who find themselves planning to have child after 24 months from the date of availing the policy.

This add-on imparts you with the next benefits:

Cost of child delivery.
Cost of medically necessary pregnancy terminations.
Cost of treatment for the newborn for 3 months (if required).
Expenses incurred to take care of infertility.
This cover is, thus, extremely useful if you need to reduce your financial liabilities whilst having or planning to have a youngster. This benefit includes a waiting amount of 24 months and covers up to 2 kids only.