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USEAMIE Metal Reusable Vertuo Capsule Refill Kit Guide

USEAMIE Metal Reusable Vertuo Capsule Refill Kit

  • REUSABLE NESPRESSO VERTUOLINE REFILL KIT: Perfect for Nespresso VertuoLine Capsules, environmentally friendly, save money while refilling and reusing the coffee pods
  • SPECIAL DESIGN: Apply and seal your foil lid with a single twist, Our updated capsule holder has a twist-on lid, so you can seal in flavor, It is easy and save your time
  • METAL MATERIAL: Different from the PVC material, This capsule holder is made of premium aluminum alloy, which is heavy and exquisite workmanship, adding a sense of ritual to the simple coffee making process. It is also a good gift for your friends
  • PAKAGE: The aluminum foil seal kit comes with 100 food-grade aluminum foil seal lids, a brush and a spoon
  • The USEAMIE Vertuoline pods refill kit comes with everything that you need to brew delicious espresso for a fraction of the cost. Just add your favorite espresso grounds! Now you can save money and reduce waste in the process. Visit: https://specoffee.com/collections/other-accessories/products/useamie-metal-reusable-vertuo-capsule-refill-kit

    100Pcs Aluminum Foil Seal Lid

    The aluminum foil seal kit comes with 100 food-grade aluminum foil seal lids.Perfectly adapted to vertuoline.

  • USEAMIE Metal Reusable Vertuo Capsule Refill Kit 100 Pcs Aluminum Foil Seals for Nespresso Vertuoline with a Brush, Scoop, Holder

USEAMIE Reusable VertuoLine Capsule Refill Kit

  • PERFECT REASABLE VERTUO CAPSULE: Specially designed for Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine
  • SIMPLE TO USE: The wood holder has an ergonomic shape and molded reference point, so you can attach the new foil in seconds with a perfect, secure fit
  • PACKAGE: Provide a complete set including 100 aluminum foil sealed lids, a brush and a spoon, which are efficient and easy to use
  • HIGH QUALITY: Made of food grade aluminum foil paper, strong and durable, will not be ripped in use. The holder uses solid wood design, which is healthy, safe and looks beautiful

IDEAL REUSABLE VERTUO TABLETS: Specially suitable for Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine.
CONVENIENT TO USE: The wooden case has an ergonomic desk condition and cast reference, so a person can attach the newest foil in moments with a best, secure fit.
DEAL: Provides a complete arranged of 100 aluminium foil sealed covers, a brush together with a spoon, that are efficient and an easy task to use.
HIGH GOOD QUALITY: Manufactured from food class aluminum foil documents, resilient and solid, will not possibly be ripped used. The particular holder uses sound, wood design, which in turn is toxic-free, risk-free and looks stunning

The USEAMIE Vertuoline pods refill system includes everything that you have to brew tasty flavored coffee for the fraction associated with the cost. Just simply add your chosen flavored coffee grounds! Now a person can lower your expenses plus reduce waste during this process.