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Tribotex Essential Oil Additive Car Motor Treatment

Spend Less from the Pump, Increase Engine Efficiency with TriboTEX Essential oil Additive Car Motor Treatment

Tired of sluggish performance and gas inefficiency inside your high-mileage car? Try TriboTEX essential oil additive car motor motor therapy made out of sophisticated-engineered, man made nanosheets. With TriboTEX, it is possible to experience immediate results including enhanced motor motor performance. Basically include it to your essential oil canister at another oil modification and begin to start to see the distinction it will create in both gasoline efficiency and efficiency. Really, TriboTEX is really a preferred with Solution 1 racecar motorists since its debut in the automobile parts marketplace.


The TriboTEX started as a Ph. D work by Pavlo Rudenko, Ph.D, the resident of Pullman, Washington. Pavlo utilized a self-assembling covering that together reverses put on and enhances motor device lubricity. The work then obtained financing from numerous companies like the Country broad Technology Groundwork (NSF), Division of Power (DOE), Hydropower Study Basis (HRF), National Aeronautics and Space Guidance (NASA) along with private cash from AutoDesk.

Lately, TriboTEX is continuing to grow to develop a sophisticated building process that suits research institutions along with professional partners in fact it is about the verge of securing market partnerships that may enable sustained development and continued success among focus on consumers marketplaces. With a broad collection of applications, intelligent protective film-forming formulations made by TriboTEX could be place into available lubricating blends to supply valuable options for the auto, commercial, and wind energy sectors. Visit:

The scientists at TriboTEX continue to explore methods to lessen wear and boost engine performance in the sectors:

Reducing maintenance and downtime charges for gearboxes within wind generators

Enhancing engine overall performance for exactly the same motor device for long-haul trucks along with other commercial vehicles

Improve safety and dependability in development of oil industry pumps and products

How TriboTEX functions

TriboTEX is truly a miracle motor booster. It features by injecting small anisotropic nanoparticles into the engine device essential oil. When these contaminants touch the warm, worn-out elements of the motor unit, they type a covering which prevents the motor unit components from rubbing mutually. The effect? Your vehicle experienced better gas consumption, even more horsepower and also runs quieter. Previously, it might take costly motor modifications to realize all three of the huge benefits.