Tips to Choose the Right Wig

Deciding on the best wig is important. It’s about locating a wig which makes you are feeling good and appearance fabulous, suits the needs you have and will be offering you comfort’

To assist you, we’ve put together a guide how to choose the right wig. From choosing the right wig cap size and wig type to deciding on your ideal wig colour and hair type; we’ve covered the four key bases for finding your perfect Perücken.

How to choose the right wig in four simple actions
We’ll share choosing the right wig cap size and describe why this is very important to wig security.
1. Wig Cap Size
First, we’ll share choosing the right wig cap size and make clear why this is very important to wig security.

If your wig is too loose or too tight, it won’t feel safe, and it won’t look natural. Most adults will be able to wear the average wig cap size; however, it’s worth taking your measurements to ensure you find the perfect fit.

To measure the circumference of your mind, you’ll need to employ a tape measure. Starting from leading of your hairline, wrap the tape measure behind your ear, bringing it to the nape of your neck. Then, continue to wrap the tape measure behind your other ear and back again to leading of your hairline.

Once you’ve your measurements, compare them with a wig cap size guide to be sure to choose the perfect fit, whether that’s average, petite or large.

Don’t forget that lots of wigs include an adjustable Velcro strap, and therefore your wig can be tightened or loosened up for an inch if needed.

2. Wig Colour
Next, we’re going to explore choosing the right wig colour. If you’re wearing a wig for the first time, we recommend choosing a wig colour that closely matches your current or latest hairstyle. A subtle colour change will make your transition to wig wearing easier.

Another tip whenever choosing your wig colour is to think about your complexion. The shade and tone of 1 hair colour will suit some skin tones much better than others. A good colour match can not only offer you a more natural look but can help you feel well informed in your wig.

When you little by little are more used to wearing a wig, you can learn to experiment with colours and try more dramatic styles!

3. Wig Type
Another important step when deciding ‘which wig is right for me personally?’ is deciding on the wig type you want. The wig type you choose will determine how you put on your wig, the way you care for your wig and exactly how your wig can look. The most frequent wig types are:
100% Handtied Wigs
As the name suggests, every individual hair is hand-tied to the base of the wig. The result is a wig that moves freely and naturally. You’ll also benefit from having the ability to style hair in all directions, providing you more versatility when it comes to creating looks.

With 100% hand-tied wigs, you can also expect a cap that is super soft and intensely comfortable to wear. As such, we especially recommend these wigs to individuals who have sensitive scalps or have observed hair loss.

And, because of the construction of hand-tied wigs, they feel very light and can offer you and intensely comfortable fit all day long.javascript:;

Lace Front Wigs
A lace front wig is another great selection of wig. Similar to a hand tied wig, a lace front wig has individual strands of hair hand linked with the lace section at the front of the cap. Because of this, it includes you an extremely natural looking hairline.A favourite in the celebrity sphere, lace front wigs come in a diverse selection of styles and allow you to make a large number of looks. We especially recommend lace front wigs to anybody who frequently styles their hair from their face.

Remember that, because of the delicate nature, you need to be extra careful when styling or looking after your lace front wig.
Monofilament Wigs
Next up, we have monofilament wigs that offer an incredibly realistic look at the scalp and hair part. That is thanks to the soft, thin and sheer piece of monofilament material located near the top of the cap.

Individual pieces of hair are hand-tied to the monofilament, providing you a wig that moves as natural hair would. You can even style and part the hair in virtually any direction, proclaiming to offer you more style versatility and the capability to achieve a natural look.
Wefted Wigs
The most common and basic kind of wig available is a wefted wig. These wigs offer heaps of benefits, but with an inferior price tag. Although wefted wigs don’t move as naturally as hand-tied wigs, they still give you instant volume and an increased style. Wefted wigs come in a number of styles, from long and sleek to short and classic, so you’ll make sure to find a look that you love, and you’ll save some time not having to style it yourself!

Another good thing about wefted wigs is the ventilation they provide. Due to the open-weft construction, your scalp will remain cool throughout the day. Lastly, wefted wigs aren’t as delicate as lace front of hand tied wigs, which means they may be stronger, so should last you well with proper care.