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Tips to choose The Glass Staircase Design

There are various types of staircases, so why if you undertake a glass staircase over some other type? Well, at Cheshire Mouldings we’ve put together the top reasons to why.

A glass staircase is incredibly versatile so when teamed with oak base and handrails could work perfectly together with any décor. Whether you’re trying to attain today’s design or a far more traditional style, they can perform this with great ease.

What exactly are the advantages of a glass staircase?
Because of light having the ability to pass through, a glass staircase may be chosen if you wish you keep as much day light in the area. Additionally, you will also have the ability to take advantage of the surrounding view.

Clarity Glass StaircaseIf you have smaller space to work with, a glass staircase will give the illusion of extra space, particularly if you select clear glass panels such just as the Cheshire Mouldings Clarity stair parts range.

Glass Staircases are usually installed much easier, quicker and simpler in comparison to that of a standard staircase. Glass panels, in a glass staircase, usually attach using brackets. In some instances, the bottom and handrails will feature a groove which permits the panels to slot in. That is like the Reflections stair parts range.

Toughened glass balustrades found in glass staircases are incredibly strong and durable. For this reason strength and durability, a glass staircase needs little maintenance and should last for a long time to come. Also, they are easier to clean than wood staircases.
If you’re limited on the area in your house, it’s likely that you’ve been searching for ways to increase your home’s space. From clearing out junk to rearranging furniture, there’s only very much we can do to create more space. Everything you might not have considered is renovating your existing staircase.

If you check out a normal staircase, it’s not necessarily maximising your home’s space. Traditional staircases often take up a lot of room at home and block off a lot of crucial space that may be used for something else. By upgrading your staircase, you can include a substantial amount of space to your house.

Assess Your Space.
The first thing to do when you’re considering a staircase upgrade is to determine your present space. Sometimes our staircases are actually making the most out of our space or they’re providing important structural support to the areas of your house.

If you aren’t in a position to use the space underneath your staircase or if your staircase is blocking the natural flow of light in your house, a staircase upgrade can truly transform your space. You’d be surprised how much space is wasted if you’re not able to use the region underneath your staircase. By checking that area with a fresh custom staircase, you’ll have significantly more room to do the items you love.

Is Your Priority Space Or Style? IT COULD BE Both.
Most people think that a custom staircase means either maximising space or getting the style they want. The reality is, it may easily be both. Having a custom staircase design by S&A Stairs, you can capitalise on your home’s space and get a really stunning staircase in the process. You shouldn’t have to choose between style and functionality.

Styles PERFECT FOR Small Spaces.
There are quite a few styles that are perfect for small spaces. With these styles, you’ll start your staircase and get a sensational new feature in your home. The first style you should think about is a floating staircase. Using a floating staircase, you’re greatly reducing the region that’s adopted because of your staircase and also have truly endless design options.

You could have a straight staircase, a distinctive curve, or a staircase that doubles back on itself. With the staircase support coming from your wall or ceiling, you’re freeing up the space underneath your staircase that you should use for another thing.

Spiral staircases are timeless designs that are incredibly able to maximising space in your house. The tight spiral makes the look a lot more vertical than a traditional staircase, which can help you save a lot of space in your home. Most spiral staircases are also not enclosed, meaning you may use the area around and under your staircase as well.

Why Lighting Is Important.
As the staircase design is important, lighting plays an important role to make your space feel open and bigger. Choosing a design that maximises on space as well as lighting can make the largest impact in your house or business. Which means choosing a design that blocks as little light as possible. Designs with open risers, glass balustrades, and thin posts are simple design tricks to {improve the|enhance the|