Safe Ship Moving Services Provides a Brief Moving Day Checklist

There is a lot that happens on a moving day. It ideally is the day people transfer their belongings to a new home, and also may have to deal with the property’s ownership. It is vital that people properly plan and organize the move-out day to avoid any sudden challenges. While a moving company like Safe Ship Moving Services can handle the task of transporting one’s goods to the new home, there are a few things a person has to oversee and manage y themselves. Proper planning helps break down the process into manageable steps, allowing people to stay organized and lowering the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Safe Ship Moving Services offers a moving day checklist

By the moving day, one would have already planned and organized their move, found the perfect moving company, packed everything up, and would be ready to get out of the old place and into new home. However, there would be still a few simple yet important things to do. Hence, it is better that people do not forget to follow this moving day checklist:

  • Wake up early: No matter the exact time of the move, it is important to wake up early on the moving day.  Even if one has packed and organized everything beforehand, there still might be some last-minute thing to do. To avoid any kind of unnecessary stress, it is better to keep enough time in hand before the movers get to the house.
  • Pack any last-minute items: After everyone has taken a shower and had their breakfast, all the bathroom and kitchen items must be packed. Any kitchen perishables that might melt or go bad during the duration of the move must be taken care of.
  • Do a final sweep of the house: Reputed moving companies like Safe Ship Moving Services typically arrive right on time. Hence, before their arrival, it is better to go through the house one more time. People must visit each room of the house, and properly check the cabinets, closets and storage spaces to make sure nothing important is left behind.
  • Greet the movers: After the movers arrive at the house, they should be given a walkthrough of the space, while highlighting any fragile objects or any furniture pieces that have to be disassembled.
  • Moderate the move: It is better to stay around when movers are loading up the boxes. They may have questions in regard to the move, and it can also provide a person much needed peace of mind to watch how everything is placed on the moving truck. Once everything is done, lock the door and head to the new house.
  • Go to your new place: One should stay in touch with the moves while travelling to the new home. The movers may take a different route, or face traffic issues. Staying in touch with them would help a person to have an estimated time frame for when they might reach to the new home.

Ultimately, as the movers like Safe Ship Moving Services reach the new house, they should be told where each box must go. The movers may help in re-assembling the furniture as well.