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Copper Backsplash in the Kitchen: Ideas and Inspiration

Perhaps you have looked at kitchens with various designs and modern backsplash tiles plus they all look pretty much the same for you. Would you like to have a kitchen with a really unique character and atmosphere? Could be you should start thinking in a different direction and look at a copper backsplash! This optically warm metal has many advantages and has been used by humans since Bronze Age for various purposes – from rooftops to mailboxes. It really does have a lot of character and beating the appearance of the reddish metal is very, very difficult.

Pros of copper backsplash tiles

The professionals of copper in design terms are it blends in traditional, rustic and modern designs. It adds a lot of character to the inside and is an immediate center point as almost no material provides the same warm glowing look. As time passes the metal oxidizes and develops a patina which is very appealing.
A copper backsplash is particularly well suited for smaller kitchens as it reflects light to make an illusion of a bigger space. Metallic backsplashes are extremely easy to completely clean without the typical domestic cleaners. An assortment of lemon juice and salt will scour it well or even some hot water and soap can do the trick.
One of the key advantages of by using a copper backsplash is the fact it provides you with a lovely focal point in your kitchen. Many people love the appearance that copper provides no other material is similar to it. Copper is also super easy to clean. If you ever splash any food up onto it, you ought to be capable of take a rag and wipe it down with water to eliminate any stains.
It isn’t porous like many natural stone backsplashes are and therefore, will be much better to handle. Copper is also great around hot surfaces. Hot pans or a hot stove is no issue for the copper backsplash. It ought to be in a position to handle it without any problems.

Are you considering installing a backsplash in your house? A backsplash is a superb addition to any space, and is also both functional and aesthetically pleasing, protecting walls from cooking messes and adding interesting detail to any room. A backsplash is similar to a great little bit of earrings that puts the finishing touch on your selected outfit.

When you get started researching backsplash options, you might be overwhelmed by the all the decisions you make before you even choose a design – materials, sizes colors, installation methods, price, maintenance and upkeep are all things that must be considered prior to making the investment.

The first thing you’ll need to consider is the appearance you want to attain. If you’re one particular people who know they want a backsplash, but do not know the place to start, consider taking our What’s YOUR LOOK? quiz. It could offer you some options based on your answers that may appeal for you.

Once you decide after the style you want, you can choose your backsplash predicated on various things: materials, color/design, size or budget. We’ll go
Adding a warm glow to your house can only be achieved with a handful of tile options. Famous for their ability to work in just about every room of the house and also create an antique feel, copper tiles are an outstanding choice. Listed below are the basic fundamentals of the metal option that will always be a conversation piece.

Today’s Options

What exactly are advertised as copper tiles today can be produced from real copper but are many times a ceramic tile body covered with a copper veneer. They can be created from materials like aluminum or stainless with a copper-colored coating or finish. (Actually stainless steel is usually a great choice for kitchens since it is naturally resistant to bacteria.)

Copper Tiles

While some will demand adhesive to set up others may be peel and stick. There are also options like faux tile backsplashes that aren’t actually real tile but instead a sheet of vinyl or PVC that are designed to appear to be they are made of many individual tiles.

Because copper tiles often just have a copper surface they’re usually applied to walls or the areas where they function for decoration. You therefore won’t normally see copper floor tiles. Copper options come in every sizes and shapes from the standard square or rectangular (subway tile) to round penny tile.

For individuals who like smaller sized options mosaic tiles that contain many tiny sized tiles mounted on a mesh backing are an all natural choice. Since copper could work well with a number of other materials some mosaics includes copper, glass, and certain types of stone together.