Cisco Catalyst 9600 Series Switches Ordering Guide

What to know WS-C2960X-48FPS-L Cisco Catalyst 2960-X 48 GigE PoE 740W, 4 x 1G SFP, LAN Base

Before placing an order, please review the following:

● Cisco® Catalyst® 9600 Series witches offer structure has three main components: the switch hardware, a network stack perpetual license, and a Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) term license.

● Cisco DNA term licenses and network stack perpetual licenses are smart product IDs (SKUs). Both licenses will be required with a hardware purchase. Network stack licenses are included by default predicated on the amount of supervisors selected during Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) configuration.

● A Smart Account is mandated during purchase (for more information, please start to see the Smart Accounts section).

● Available services options are:

◦ Solution Support

◦ Enhanced Limited Lifetime hardware Warranty (E-LLW)

◦ Cisco Smart Net Total Care® support

◦ Embedded support for Cisco DNA term license

Common terminology

● Network stack: NW

● Cisco Digital Network Architecture: Cisco DNA

● Cisco DNA Advantage: -A

● Cisco DNA Premier: -P

● Smart Account: SA

● Smart License: SL

Purpose of this document

This document offers a detailed summary of the ordering process for Cisco Catalyst 9600 Series witches on Cisco Commerce Workspace.

Hardware and software order overview

Cisco Catalyst 9600 Series switches are ordered through Cisco Commerce Workspace with a 3, 5, or 7 year term-based Cisco DNA Premier or Cisco DNA Advantage subscription. This consists of term-based embedded support. All options include switch hardware in conjunction with Cisco IOS® XE and the related perpetual Network Advantage network stack software. As well as the hardware and network stack software, the offer requires the addition of the term-based Cisco DNA subscription software. Please refer to Cisco Feature Navigator to comprehend what is included in the Network Advantage and Cisco DNA Advantage subscription packages.

How exactly to order a Cisco Catalyst 9600 Series switch

Both a network stack license and Cisco DNA license are mandatory at the time of purchase. Network Advantage is included with the hardware, while a Cisco DNA Advantage (-A) or Cisco DNA Premier (-P) term license must be selected at the time of order.

To order in Cisco Commerce Workspace, follow these steps:

1. Choose the appropriate Cisco Catalyst 9600 Series switch SKU-for example, C9606R.

2. Pick the preferred consumption model-Cisco DNA Premier or Cisco DNA Advantage.

3. Choose the Cisco DNA term license (3, 5, or 7 years).

4. Add other components (secondary supervisor, line cards, additional power supplies, power cables and accessories).
Smart Licensing

Smart Licensing is a cloud-based license management platform created to simplify the purchase, deployment, and management of Cisco software assets. Entitlements are immediately deposited into a customer’s virtual take into account use. This eliminates the necessity to install license files on every device. Products that are Smart License enabled communicate to Cisco to report consumption. The primary location for managing product registration and monitoring Smart License consumption is the Cisco Smart Software Manager. License ownership and consumption are readily available to help customers make smarter purchase decisions based on cons